o9 Supply Chain Management

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Respond to demand changes and supply disruptions in real time aided by o9 supply chain digital twin

o9 Supply Chain management capabilities are powering enterprises to faster, more intelligent planning and business decision-making that translate directly to better financial results, greater customer delight and lower use of the earth’s precious resources.


  • Supply Chain Master Planning: Optimize Demand/Supply balancing across end-to-end Supply Chain.
  • Digital Supplier Collaboration: Enhance agility by bringing your suppliers and contract manufacturers into your planning process with secure collaboration workflows.
  • Supply Chain Control Tower: Process demand and supply signals in real time, detect potential problems and drive automated, real time demand and supply shaping decisions.
  • Supply Chain Analytics: Derive insights from Enterprise Knowledge Graph (EKG) models and digital twin to align Supply Chain Policies to Business Strategies and Market Needs.




  • Knowledge driven Supply Chain Digital Twin: With its EKG model, the AI-powered o9 platform builds a digital twin of your supply chain that provides accurate and current knowledge about each node in the network.
  • End to End Supply Chain Visibility: Early warning, supply and demand sensing and proactive actions.
  • High Performance Demand/Supply Match Solvers:  Best-in class heuristic & optimization solvers that provide the most optimal plan quality. Use root cause insights to explain constraints and excesses. 
  • Right level model for each Horizon: Detailed-to-aggregate Models across Planning Horizon. plan at the lowest level in the near-term horizon and create aggregated models farther out.
  • Real Time Scenario Planning, What-ifs & Collaboration: Unique scenario planning capabilities that make it simple for planners to evaluate what-if questions and collaborate with cross-functional teams on multiple scenarios.
  • Automated decisions at scale to shape Demand and Supply and drive operations:  Realtime connect to demand supply events enables impact evaluation and timely response. Drive automated decision making based on stored knowledge of risks and costs


About o9

o9 is the premier AI-powered platform for driving digital transformations of integrated planning and operations capabilities. o9’s clients span a variety of industries across manufacturing and retail supply chain. All your core planning processes - whether it is driving demand, aligning demand & supply, or managing P&L, can be made faster and smarter with o9’s AI-powered digital solutions and delivered seamlessly in one platform.