AI Workforce

作者 Relevance AI

Build a workforce of AI Agents

The next doubling of human prosperity is going to be delivered at the hands of AI. Relevance AI is at the center of this paradigm shift with our platform that empowers businesses to build their AI Workforce and decouple the traditionally linear relationship between business growth and headcount.

Using Relevance AI, you can build AI Agents that perform entire roles or functions autonomously, ensuring that your precious human resources spend less time doing manual tasks and more time doing the things that only they can do.

Get started quickly with one of our out-of-the-box AI Agents that perform common roles like Business Development or Customer Service reps, or build your own with our low-code builder that allows you to create AI Tools and map out operating procedures.

The first out-of-the-box AI Agent from Relevance AI is the BDR (Business Development Representative) Agent, which is designed to automate the role of a junior salesperson who is primarily responsible for generating leads and booking meetings.

The BDR Agent researches prospects, sends out hyper personalized outreach, engages them by responding to replies, books meetings at mutually agreeable times, and gives a warm handover to a salesperson, all completely autonomously.

By leveraging the BDR Agent from Relevance, sales teams can grow their top-of-funnel without hiring more BDRs and free up your existing BDRs and salespeople so that they can focus on what they do best - sell!