Documentum connector for Microsoft® Power Automate

作者 OpenText

Enable secure remote content sharing from existing platforms, applications and processes

Extend OpenText Information Management to 1000+ solutions

The OpenText™ connectors for Microsoft® Power Automate allow you to seamlessly integrate OpenText's enterprise content management (ECM) capabilities with the automation and workflow capabilities of Microsoft® Power Automate. OpenText™ Documentum enables content collaboration on documents and projects with anyone inside or outside an organization, whether working from a hybrid or fully cloud-enabled environment. You can easily automate tasks such as storing email, synchronizing content with other file sharing platforms and/or other OpenText solutions, and thus collaborate securely with anyone inside or outside your organization, all without the need for extensive coding or IT involvement.


Increase productivity
Users can quickly automate repetitive tasks across any application for themselves or their team and connect these to the business processes.

Reduce integration cost
Use any of the available 1000+ connectors that allow citizen developers to build their own automation flows and as a result, reduce integration efforts and costs.

Improve management of IT tools
Define which apps users can use for improving personal productivity to reduce risks, improve auditing and control costs.

Extend your business flows
Easily connect any application to your business flows with minor effort to increase the capture of information and allow users to get notified in their favorite app.