Quadrion LLC

Bring email enabled library functionality to SharePoint Online with Q-Upload!

Is your business missing out on seamless collaboration in absence of incoming Email functionality in SharePoint Online? If yes, Q-Upload from Quadrion is here to plug this gap and improve the user experience and cross teams collaboration! Q-Upload is a secure Azure based SaaS tool which allows users to upload documents using Office 365 Group email address, shared mailboxes with an individual email address and is equally compatible with SharePoint online! Enhanced capabilities: * Configurable for OneDrive for Business and SharePoint Online * Read email from Office 365 Group, Shared Mailbox and an individual email address * Discard inline images from the email * Set “Created by” and “Modified by” metadata with sender's name and preserve metadata like Subject, From, To, CC and Body * Anonymously upload documents Key features: * Easy User Interface to configure the settings Group and upload attachments along with the original email inside a folder * Stores logs for troubleshooting and data analytics Security: * Permission driven pages * Check Sender's permission * Fully Secured data and privacy Flexible billing: * Licenses per monthly runs * Tenant level License configurable across multiple Site * Collections and Libraries