Metro Unified Comms.

作者 Retail Manager Solutions Limited

Drive Employee Engagement, Communication, Collaboration, Task Compliance and Productivity with RMS.

Metro Unified Comms provides an alternative to traditional operational tools to manage multi-site businesses enabling enhanced communication, collaboration, compliance and control. Designed to be easily accessible to all cross-functional teams via smartphones, tablets, and desktops, Metro Unified Comms delivers user-specific content within a role-specific digital workplace, chronologically ordered and in the context of how the user needs to interact with it. Metro Unified Comms enables audience selection and targeting to any end point of your organisational hierarchy and includes the following functionality:-

    • Content Management - News, Content widgets, Content labels, search, all content types, including video. Comments and Reactions.
    • Comprehensive Task Management - Capacity impact, repeating, priority, and delegation, displayed in specific task sections alongside the dynamic calendar.
    • Surveys - Simple end-user creation of surveys, ongoing surveys and quick polls.
    • Intelligent Forms - With workflow, conditional answers and associated reporting.
    • Compliance Dashboards - Real-time visibility of tasks, news, surveys and utilisation of the platform.
    • KPIs/Business Reporting - A personalised balanced scorecard on business-led KPI metrics with gamification through League Ladders.
    • Metro Comms App & Metro Teams - Online/Offline front-line worker access to your Metro world in your preferred habitat - Browser, App, Teams, Outlook. Metro Messaging/Mail. No need for a separate Mail client. One platform for all communications in-store - be it business or personal.
    • Metro Unified Comms is integrated with Microsoft Azure and utilises Azure Media Services to deliver media content to users, optimised to reach audiences on the devices they use.

Why RMS and Metro?
RMS provide retail, hospitality and healthcare teams with software to help manage their multi-site businesses more effectively. Designed to support Operations, Compliance, HR, Project and Marketing teams, Metro enables your business to plan its own unique journey according to its own special requirements whilst at the same time removing the need for a patchwork of disparate applications.
Developed by RMS, many of the best-known retail, hospitality, and healthcare brands trust Metro each day to connect, engage and empower their digital workforce and manage their multi-site businesses more effectively. Metro Unified Comms is one of a suite of solutions offered by RMS from within Metro operating off a single technology stack from within Microsoft Azure. Metro's cross-functional digital workplace has been a catalyst for change, improved efficiency and profit margins for retail, hospitality and healthcare operators globally.

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