Cognni Information Intelligence for M365


Cognitive intelligence tools that help identify risks to information shared via the cloud.


Cognni provides zero-effort Information Intelligence, helping companies distinguish between legitimate and risky sharing activities. As many workforces have moved entirely on the cloud the level of risk associated with sensitive business information has increased.  With near-human cognitive intelligence, Cognni understands complex business situations and can catch potential risks within minutes, saving the InfoSec team valuable time. Providing out of the box actionable insights and drilled down sharing patterns, giving meaning to any information created, downloaded, accessed or shared, Cognni lets organizations be in control of their information.

Features and Benefits

  • Understand business information without involving users
  • Instant integration with Office 365
  • No setup, installations, or lengthy implementation
  • No disruption or involvement from end-users
  • Simplifies compliance with international regulations
  • See information risks and exposures in one simple place
  • Cut investigation time to minutes

Use Cases

  • Identify leaked business information
  • Know which upper management files are exposed
  • Avoid regulation and compliance risks
  • Know what information was exposed by an employee leaving the company
  • Securely move to the cloud without losing sight of risks