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TIIZ Chatbot is an intelligent conversation platform that interacts with users on a chat interface w

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TIIZ ChatBot is a Conversational AI platform that interacts with users via Rules or Azure AI on chat interfaces. You can apply our ChatBot to your websites and top social media messengers such as Kakao Talk, Facebook, and also office chat applications.

TIIZ Chatbot Manager is a ChatBot management application that makes addition and modification of learning and dialog sets easier.

Our Chatbot offers quicker and easier communication with your customers and supports your business with its own functions, which are business support for each department, Help Desk, and Automatic Order system.

Highlights :
  • Interactive counseling system available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year
  • IUnderstand user intent through natural language understanding and automatic query
  • I Build platforms that can be used by various organizations
  • I Reduce costs and improve work efficiency by building a chatbot platform
  • IProvide tools for checking conversation processing history

This application is currently available in Korean only. The English version will be updated soon.

Business inquiries
e-Mail :
TEL : +82-2-6271-9788