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Improve your reports, presentations and dashboards using self-explanatory charts!

What is Modern Charts?

Modern Charts is a visualization tool that empowers people to create easy to communicate and memorable infographic charts for reports, presentations and even dashboards! One can create infographic charts for Finance, Human Resources, Productivity and Digital Migration.

Why Modern Charts?

With more data every day, in this Fourth Industrial Revolution era, the brain needs more effective visualizations to assist it in processing information faster and better. Modern Charts provides and infographics charts library that present the data in a manner that is easy for our brains to read, process and store.

Infographics are currently used mainly by marketing teams to create marketing content. The marketing teams have found them to be more effective in relaying information to general public.

Who can use Modern Charts?

Modern Charts is designed to be used for everyday normal business reports, presentation and dashboards. Infographic charts are effective for business meeting presentations and reports. Because they have been proven to be effective for marketing content and posters, they are expected to be effective for daily business interactions.

Key Features:

• Comprehensive infographic charts library;

• #HEX (color codes) input option;

• Transpose data on chart; and

• Add source of data for correct interpretation;

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