Sinerix SecureSign For Outlook


Get documents sent, signed and exchanged directly from Outlook

Sinerix-SecureSign provides the very latest in digital transaction management systems (DTMS) with advanced document signing capability, interactive fillable SmartForm completion and client authentication processes with optional SmartCheck ID verification technology* that can help businesses to quickly identify and link any individual or entity to an online transaction.

With eSignature's and electronic document exchange systems being globally recognised and legally accepted in Law as a powerful way to speed up everyday document workflow and authenticate that the signer(s) are who they say they are, Sinerix-SecureSign is leading the way by introducing even more advanced ways to identify, authenticate and verify clients online in just a few simple clicks.

With our intelligent SmartData and anti-fraud reporting system, you are alerted to any unusual data input behaviour, giving you the opportunity to quickly determine if any potential risk exists.

SecureSign has been developed to work directly with Microsoft Office 365 applications, making it even more convenient for anyone to integrate Sinerix digital document signing and ID verification processes into their everyday document workflow processes. Office 365 applications include: - Outlook, SharePoint, PowerPoint, Dynamics CRM, Word and Excel.

With even more convenience and faster turn around times, Sinerix-SecureSign really can help SME’s integrate and align their system to the very latest digital on-boarding systems and applications.

For continued use beyond your 28 day Free Trial, a monthly or annual licence subscription is required.

*SmartCheck ID verification technology is subject to additional Terms & Conditions.

Benefits include:

  • Improves response times and convenience to clients
  • Reduces unnecessary administration time and costs
  • Streamline document & compliance led ID workflow
  • Remote use & on-premise eSignature / ID completion
  • Automated individual KYC / AML & director checks
  • Anti-tamper and anti-fraud alerts and notifications


  • 可以在網際網路上傳送資料
  • 此應用程式可以存取及修改使用中訊息內的個人資訊,例如內文、主旨、寄件者、收件者及附件資訊等等。其可能會將此資料傳送給第三方服務。對於您信箱中的其他項目則無法讀取或修改。