Adobe Mix Modeler

作者 Adobe

Optimize marketing measurement and planning with powerful AI

Adobe Mix Modeler provides a unified solution that brings marketing measurement and planning together to enable marketers to make smarter investments. Powered by advanced AI from Adobe Sensei, Mix Modeler helps marketers achieve a unified view of marketing data across channels and campaigns, greater decision confidence, and faster inflight optimizations.

Adobe Mix Modeler delivers customized measurement and planning models, faster. Marketing mix modeling and multitouch attribution methodologies are brought together through AI into one holistic approach that provides both aggregate and touchpoint levels of data. Adobe’s unique AI-as-a-Service framework makes it easier for marketers to measure, plan, monitor, and optimize so they can increase ROI and make more informed decisions, faster.

Mix Modeler helps marketers:

  • Improve marketing performance visibility: Better understand incremental performance across marketing channels with unified data.
  • Maximize ROI with smart investments: Compare different budget scenarios with AI-powered models to inform decision-making and automate optimal budget allocations.
  • Activate tactical insights across Adobe apps: Inform strategic decision-making with touchpoint data on customer segments and journeys.
  • Optimize and adjust: Use Adobe’s AI-as-a-Service to customize and refresh models and make inflight optimizations based on actual and forecasted performance.