EMBRACE Automate-IT is a media-oriented promo versioning management and orchestration platform.

1. Description
EMBRACE Automate-IT is a media-oriented promo versioning management platform. It establishes automation, orchestration and collaboration between creative, broadcast, IT and digital departments.

EMBRACE Automate-IT connects people, systems, processes to run nimble on-air and digital promotion supply chains.

Created for everyone
EMBRACE Automate-IT enables close collaboration between traditionally siloed departments, albeit promotion or creative, editorial and broadcast/distribution departments.

Designed for all systems
With EMBRACE Automate-IT, third-party programming, traffic, MAM systems and Adobe® After Effects templates are connected to gather content, select the right template, apply all variables, and generate clips automatically.

Developed for all processes
EMBRACE Automate-IT streamlines the production flows, simplify execution, assemble and deliver promos methodically for increased efficiency and throughput.

2. Targets
Media & Entertainment Organizations, Content owners, Broadcasters

3. Challenges we solve
There are many non-creative tasks and many versions thereof for each creative task within any professional promotion environment. Non-creative tasks are a distraction and are fraught with error, especially when the main priority is the design and promo output. Creatives need a system that automates repetitive tasks to focus on creating high-quality content.

Automate-IT enables promo departments to focus on creativity while automating the mundane, yet essential tasks, such as managing media transfers, transcoding, metadata management, versions’ tracking, documentation, and notification. Brand compliance, graphical guidelines, or style guides are maintained throughout the promo supply chain.
With Automate-IT, all departments work as one on the correct elements and all content assets are in the right place at the right time - automatically. Automate-IT embraces the complete production life cycle by increasing the visibility of the traceable flow of media from Adobe® After Effects templates to editorial and digital distribution, resulting in increased efficiency and throughput.

4. Key benefits
  • Automate-IT seamlessly integrates your Adobe graphics, solutions and systems into the broadcast domain
  • Automate-IT is powered by web forms for user input and graphics template modification without editing After Effects projects or compositions
  • Automate-IT breaks down barriers for promo versioning production and distribution.
  • Automate-IT handles all non-added-value and repetitive tasks

5. Typical workflows
  • Data-driven generation of videos with graphics
  • After Effects/Adobe Media Encoder to Avid® MediaCentral
  • After Effects/Adobe Media Encoder to MAM
  • After Effects/Adobe Media Encoder to Social Media

6. Key Features
  • Fully integrated with Adobe® After Effects and Media Encoder
  • Adobe Extendscript (After Effects Scripting - Javascript) Support
  • HTML5 Forms Designer
  • Preview available for editorial quality checking
  • Workflow Designer and Execution
  • Sequence Designer
  • Tasks management
  • System Dashboard & Notifications
  • Role-based permissions
  • Active Directory Centralized Login
  • Low-code automation
  • REST API, JSON & XML Support

7. Partners' integrations
Complementary to 200 existing tasks and connectors, Automate-IT has Companion Apps for Avid MediaCentral, Codemill Cantemo, Codemill Accurate Player and native integrations with Adobe After Effects, Adobe Media Encoder, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe, Emotion Systems and Telestream Vantage.