作者 Innovaccer Inc

AI-assisted care management solution, with patient-centered medical home (PCMH)-level care delivery.

InCare, is the industry’s most advanced care management and coordinated care offering which provides a wide range of solutions to help care teams simplify redundant tasks and bridge care and coding gaps. Deliver seamless patient experiences by empowering care teams with data driven insights. InCare is the most effortless way to reduce manual efforts and focus on what’s most important: your patients. 

 InCare automates worklists to support care plans and close gaps in care, improves communication between physician and care teams within the EHR workflow, and generates quantifiable reports to measure and track impact. With detailed patient 360 profiles, patient care activity timelines, medication adherence reviews, and more, Incare allows care providers to spend more time with the patients and less time with their inbox.