Repstor affinity

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Email and document management for Outlook to SharePoint and Microsoft Teams


Repstor Affinity provides access to Microsoft SharePoint/Teams/OneDrive, other content stores and file sharing services seamlessly within Microsoft Outlook.  Users can view, add, edit and collaborate on content whether connected to a network or not.

Affinity encourages user adoption of content systems by providing a natural, familiar and intuitive way of working. The Outlook menu remains virtually unchanged, providing users with a familiar working environment and experience. This ensures organisations see the ROI for their investment in their Content Management System of choice.

Value Proposition

Along with the ROI gains, organisations will see significant productivity gains as users will spend up to 15% less time filing and searching for the content relevant to them.

Target Market

Information Management/Compliance Officers across all verticals

Key Benefits

Encourages User Adoption, Collaboration & Efficiency

  • Accessed through the familiar Microsoft Outlook folders interface.
  • Emails can be added by dragging and dropping, or using the Quick File tool
  • Easy access to deep document hierarchies for filing or retrieving content
  • Delivered as a client-side software solution
  • No impact on Outlook performance
  • Fully supports Outlook search
  • Users can work remotely while offline
  • Collaboration and content management across geographically disperse sites is enhanced
  • Central control of configuration ensures that users see only the most appropriate content
  • Reduces the need for change management

Increases Productivity

  • Automatically extracts email metadata to support searching
  • Document Compare
  • Generate PDF from Word documents
  • Easily extensible to add customer specific requirements, e.g. to allow access to specific workflow processes
  • Sync modes including online, header only and full sync
  • Utilizes the repository search capabilities to add content to Outlook
  • Bulk update metadata for multiple items across folders

Meeting Compliance Requirements

  • Easily captures important email content
  • Exploits the Document & Records Management capabilities of SharePoint
  • Automatically pushes content to specified users and groups