Trivia: Quizzes, Unpopular Opinions, Pictionary and Virtual Water Cooler

作者 SpringRole Inc

With Trivia, spark conversations, bond over social breaks and bring camaraderie & fun to your Teams!

Instant Quizzes, Unpopular Opinions, Pictionary, and Virtual Water Cooler. All in one place.

Bring camaraderie and fun back to your team. Play Trivia, spark conversations, and bond over social breaks at work.

Long story short, you can use Trivia for:

  • 🎯 Employee Engagement
  • 🙋 Employee Onboarding/Icebreakers
  • 💪 Virtual Team Building

Now the longer version… What makes Trivia unique? 🎁

  • ✌️ Catch up with your team over Quizzes, icebreakers, and Pictionary
    • Trivia provides a quick 5-minute break to your regular workday. And everything happens in real-time, meaning your team gets together to play it! In fact, Trivia is more about casual banter, friendly conversations, and discussions it brings to your table. Well, that's the whole point of playing it, isn’t it?
    • List of features in Trivia:
      • 🎉 Instant Quizzes
      • ⚒️ Customizable Quizzes
      • 🆚 True or False
      • 📈 Unpopular Opinions
      • 📊 Customizable Polls
      • 🚰 Water Cooler conversations

      • 🖼️ Pictionary
      • 💡 Gotcha!
      • 🚀 Automations
  • 🚰 Connect around the Virtual Water Cooler
    • The chance meetings you used to have in your office? Those random chats grabbing a cup of coffee or donut with a person from the sales team? And the casual talks helping a new hire to settle and adapt? If you feel your team is missing out on these, then our Virtual Water Cooler is for you.
    • Open up lines of communication, foster long-lasting relationships, and build a sense of togetherness amongst your team. Make peer introductions, encourage virtual coffees, or break the ice by posting random topics to kick-start discussions.
  • 📆 Automate happy hours
    • Simply add Trivia to a channel to host virtual happy hours, Trivia Tuesdays, or TGIFs. Trivia takes care of the rest - from hosting fun breaks to announcing winners.
  • By the numbers:
    • 700,000+ players
    • 35,000+ organizations
    • 80+ countries

Top features teams love Trivia for:

🎮 Fun, easy, and quick to launch quizzes, icebreakers and more

🚰 Virtual Water Cooler to connect teammates serendipitously

✏️ Customizable Quizzes to create your own set of Q&A and launch them inside Teams

📆 Automate team breaks

💬 Encourage serendipitous discussion with Virtual Water Cooler

📊 Detailed reports on team-building activities