Zoho Assist for Teams

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Integrate Microsoft Teams with Zoho Assist to support customers remotely.

Zoho Assist is a cloud-based remote access software that allows technicians to provide support to remote customers located anywhere in the world. Initiate instant or scheduled remote support sessions to access and troubleshoot your customer's computer directly from your Microsoft Teams' account.

You can perform various operations on your customer's computer during a session, like:

1. Transfer files to your customer's computer.

2. Navigate between multiple monitors of the remote customer.

3. Chat with your customer any time during a live session.

4. Remotely reboot and reconnect to the computer.

5. Use Ctrl+Alt+Del on the remote computer.

Exclusive COVID-19 assistance for Microsoft customers: Sign up before December 31 and get Zoho Wallet credits worth US $500 valid for 60 days. The wallet credits can be used for the purchase of Zoho Assist, any other Zoho apps or for edition upgrades.


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