Exchange Online Workshop

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Objective: Map the customer's environment and plan the process for migrating email to Office 365.

This application is available in Norwegian and English.

This workshop will demonstration the benefits the customer can receive by moving the email service  to the cloud. It is also useful for identifying any challenges related to migration and how to address them. The customer will gain an understanding of the entire migration process and prepare the company for changes.


  • We will go through the opportunities Exchange Online gives us and how the cloud version is different from Exchange On-premises.
  • Mapping of the customer's environment. It is important to get an overview of all links, mailboxes and resources as well as any add-ons to ensure a successful migration.
  • Identify the customer's needs and wishes in connection with licensing, hybrid vs. full migration, backup, security and archiving.
  • We describe the migration process and make recommendations adapted to the customers environment, needs and wishes.

The purpose of the workshop is to map the customer's current environment and plan a migration that best meets the customer's needs and wishes. Good preparations make the migration process itself as painless as possible for both the IT department and the end users. The actual migration job is performed if desired by appointment after the workshop.

Estimated investment: 19000,-

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