Teams Workshop

от Move AS

An introduction to Teams and get started with one of the world's most used productivity tools.

This application is available in Norwegian and English.

Teams is a collaboration tool in Office 365 that, among other things, allows users to share documents, chat and arrange video meetings with both internal and external users.


First half (for end users):

  • Introduction: Move Presents how to get the most out of Chat, document management and Video meetings in Teams.

Second half (for administrators):

  • Managing Teams: Moves consultants review how administrators can use the Teams Admin Portal and what policies that can be tailored to their needs.
  • Security: we show how you let users get the most out of Teams and to be protected against data loss and other security threats.
  • Mapping the customer's current environment. This is important for planning what kind of structure you want in Teams.
  • Mapping the customer's needs and wishes.
  • We make our recommendations regarding licensing, security and structure in Teams based on the customer's current environment, needs and wishes.

The purpose of this workshop is to give the customer knowledge about Teams to be able to start using the tool. The customer will have enough insight to be able to manage, adapt and secure Teams for their tenant and will be able to help end- users with simple issues. You can, if desired, choose only half of the workshop.

Estimated investment: 19000,-

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