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Create and assign keywords to categorize and organize any CRM record.

Ever want to see other records similar to the one you're viewing, not just its related records? PowerHashTag allows users to quickly create hashtags (keywords) to categorize and organize any Dynamics CRM record. A simple click on any hashtag displays other records tagged with the same word. Assign colors to hashtags to make them quicker to identify. Already a PowerPack subscriber? You'll receive this add-on for free!


  • User created keywords
  • Color coded keywords
  • Quickly view all records with same keywords
  • Add to any CRM entity form

Don't Forget To Register Your Add-On!

Once the PowerPack add-on is imported into your CRM, make sure to register it! For instructions on how to register your PowerPack Add-on, check out the FAQ in the Learn More section below.

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