Veritas Alta SaaS Protection Enterprise

Autor: Carahsoft Technology Corporation

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Alta SaaS Protection is the leading SaaS backup solution for enterprise customers. Integrating with leading SaaS applications like Microsoft 365, Google Drive, Slack and Box, NetBackup SaaS Protection provides organizations with an enterprise centric SaaS backup and protection solution. Its best-in-class performance and scalability enable organizations to protect SaaS data as it grows. Its single-tenancy architecture, coupled with Active Directory (AD) integration and SOC 2 compliance, delivers a hardened security infrastructure from the start.

Data loss can happen at any time due to many factors, with the most common being accidental or malicious deletion. SaaS applications are no exception. Despite being cloud-based, native SaaS application backup functionality is typically primitive and rudimentary. Deleted data is usually only kept by SaaS providers for a limited time—generally anywhere from 3 to 60 days at most—before it is permanently deleted. Any data deleted past that time limit cannot be recovered. With NetBackup SaaS Protection, however, it’s possible to prevent any SaaS application data loss across the entire enterprise. Regardless of whether your SaaS application has 1,000 users or 10,000 users, NetBackup SaaS Protection provides you with complete data protection coverage.

Veritas takes security seriously. NetBackup SaaS Protection comes feature-packed with enterprise-grade security functionality. With Azure AD integration, you can ensure your Microsoft 365 SaaS applications can be seamlessly protected without compromising on security. NetBackup SaaS Protection also meets a wide array of security compliance regulations such as SOC 2. Features like multifactor authentication (MFA), role-based access controls (RBAC) and end-to-end encryption are part of our security hardening. Plus, our single-tenancy model provides organizations with a truly isolated backup infrastructure, keeping your data separate from that of others. This model has the further benefit of ensuring you’re never competing for resources with other companies.

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