ASK NAVIK Powered by Azure OpenAI

Autor: Infogain Corporation

Flexible and secure generative AI

ASK NAVIK powered by Azure OpenAI is Infogain's enterprise ready, customizable, and comprehensive generative AI solution. ASK NAVIK uses your business data to unlock employee productivity and accelerate competitive advantages.
    • Enterprise ready. The solution is designed to work safely and effectively inside of your Azure environment. When needed, we deploy a Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) approach, your data is never shared externally.
    • Customizable. The solution leverages flexible and modular pre-built components to rapidly and cost effectively meet business needs. It can be deployed within Microsoft Teams, integrated with existing web applications, or used as a standalone web application.
    • Comprehensive. Allow Infogain to take care of all generative AI solutions needs including front-end development, input / output orchestration, data pipeline & ingestion and governance.

    ASK NAVIK powered by Azure OpenAI is being used today by:
    • Technology and operations support teams to Improve the stability and uptime of business critical systems
    • Customer support teams to strengthen the quality and resolution time of customer interactions.
    • HR teams to enhance employee experiences with self-support capabilities.
    • Sales and marketing teams are accelerating productivity with knowledge bases of sales and marketing content.
    • Finance teams to query business results and easily create customized charts and reports

    Infogain has been designing and building customized, enterprise AI solutions since the NAVIK AI platform was launched in 2016. We tap into years of experience and IP developed along the way in every ASK NAVIK deployment.
    In addition, ASK NAVIK is powered by a best-of-breed suite of Microsoft Azure technologies including:
    • The Azure OpenAI service
    • Azure Cognitive Services
    • Azure Machine Learning Services
    • Azure Data Factory
    • Azure Blob Storage
    • Azure SQL Database
    • Azure Active Directory
    • Power BI, Power BI Pro and Power BI Premium
    • Microsoft Office suite of applications

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