OpenText eDOCS


Light-footprint, cost-effective, flexible ECM solution for legal organizations

eDOCS Overview Digital technology is transforming many industries and introducing new challenges related to information management. Within the legal community, the practice of law has transformed into the business of law. To remain competitive in today’s business environment, law firms need to ensure their information is managed and secure, yet easily accessible for day-to-day operations. If law firms are unable to find current versions of files or track documents related to a specific matter, the risks become acute. Poorly managed documents can hurt productivity, customer satisfaction, and the bottom line. Flexible and Easy to Use OpenText™ eDOCS is a light-footprint, cost-effective, highly-flexible Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution for legal organizations that “works the way you do”. It balances traditional requirements for security, privacy, and regulatory compliance with the need for information that is instantly accessible, anytime from anywhere, and easy to work with, share, and collaborate on. Easily Tailored to Your Needs OpenText Document Management, eDOCS Edition (eDOCS DM) is the solution platform—a secure, centralized repository to manage your matter-centric content. You can easily build on this foundation, customizing eDOCS to the specific needs of your firm. Choose from a variety of modules to manage emails, images, and SharePoint content, to share and collaborate in the cloud, to enable workflows, digital processes, analytics, and much more. eDOCS technology is rapid to deploy, available on premises, in a private cloud, across mobile devices, and is easily integrated with third-party technology solutions. enhanced search algorithms. • Real-World Forms: New forms allow for faster and more reliable data creation, archival and retrieval. • Support for Mobile Infrastructure: Support tablets and smartphones and perform well over a VPN. The new release of eDOCS DM represents a quantum leap in usability, functionality, efficiency and broad-based utilization. The new version delivers a superior user experience with heightened security, search, metadata and management features. OpenText eDOCS is an information management solution that helps organizations with high-value content leverage it for maximum benefit to the business. The solution unifies and brings structure to fast-growing libraries of dispersed content, enables flexible and collaborative business processes, and offers analytical insights—all while ensuring content is secure, governed, and compliant. Managed, secure, accessible. It’s easy with eDOCS.
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