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Stunning tables with charts. Perfect for sales or cost variance reporting, income statements, ...

Create spectacular sales dashboards, income statements, cost vs. budget and other reports.

Zebra BI Tables is by far the most powerful table/matrix visual in Power BI. Build extremely flexible tables with embedded charts. Expand/collapse rows, reorder columns, do a P&L calculation, top N analysis and much more. Zebra BI are the first and only IBCS-certified visuals for Power BI!


  • Automatic variance charts
  • Variance charts, waterfall charts, bar charts, lollipop charts
  • P&L calculations with subtotals
  • Flexible table/matrix layouts
  • 1-click sort by any column
  • Expand/collapse rows – unlimited levels
  • Reorder columns by dragging
  • Top N + others analysis
  • Matrix charts
  • Hide/unhide columns
  • Column hierarchies
  • Customizable design
  • Custom number formats
  • Works in Report Server, mobile apps


Zebra BI is available as a free visual with limited features. Full features available with Pro license.

For technical support, send us an email to

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