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One visual, many charts. Waterfall, variance, column, area, line, dot, combo… in small multiples!

Zebra BI Charts is by far the most powerful charting visual in Power BI. Simply click to display waterfall, variance, column, area, line, dot, lollipop, ‘hills&valleys’ and other types of charts. Heck, even combo charts. And all of this in beautiful small multiples!

Zebra BI are the first and only IBCS-certified visuals for Power BI.


  • Chart slider – change chart in 1 click
  • 12 business charts available in several layouts
  • Calculates absolute and relative variances
  • Calculates YoY growth rates
  • Small multiples – in extremely advanced layouts
  • Advanced waterfall charts with subtotals
  • Combo charts with adjustable 2nd value axis
  • Segmented charts – display your forecasts
  • Top/Bottom N + others
  • Difference highlights
  • Drill-down
  • Axis break
  • Customizable design
  • Custom number formats
  • Works in Report Server, mobile apps
  • World's first fully responsive visual!


Zebra BI is available as a free visual with limited features. Full features available with Pro license.

For technical support, send us an email to

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