Backup Lite


A self-service application for backup and recovery storage with top-notch security protection.

Backup Lite Solution is a self-service backup and security assessment application that help SMBs to establish straight-forward backup and recovery process. It also protects all on-premise and cloud IT assets (workstations, servers, Microsoft 365 accounts, mobile devices, storage devices) across the complete IT landscape.

It addresses the following pains:

  • ​​​Lack of centralized backup and recovery policies. Backup and recovery practices often take a back seat to day-day operations and are handled on an ad-hoc basis

  • High backup costs and poor security. This can be fixed with the right size backup targets with minimized monthly backup cost. Secure data from potential ransomware attacks​

  • Disaster Recovery (DR) isn’t up and running. Enabling DR minimizes restore times. Aside from regular backups, it’s essential to have DR in place to reduce downtime​

Backup Lite Solution benefits:

  1. Helps you back up and recover your entire organization with minimal IT resources.
  2. Increases your productivity by making sure you have everything you need to achieve 100% usage and protection from the software you use and the data you generate.
  3. Provides SMBs with top-notch security protection and secure data across all devices and attach surfaces (workstation, servers, mobile devices).
  4. Implementing traditional backup and recovery processes with a built-in security layer takes, at the very least, several weeks and will also require significant CAPEX/OPEX investment in equipment and technology support. Backup Lite helps you sidestep this by offering straight-forward onboarding process and a crystal-clear cost structure for activated backup/recovery and security resources across your company’s entire on-premise and cloud IT landscape (workstations, servers, O365 accounts, mobile devices, storage).

Backup Lite is powered by the European cloud-hosted provider Acronis. This means backups for laptops and workstations have the support of a datacenter which is robust, secure, and there when you need it. Safeguard your Microsoft 365 applications and data with comprehensive cyber protection that brings together data protection, cybersecurity, and endpoint protection management.

With Backup Lite, you can regain control of your Microsoft 365 data, manage overspend, and keep your business running with a solution that’s easy-to-use, efficient, and ensures secure cloud-to-cloud backups.

Backup lite can cover multiple backup/recovery touch points across a Microsoft Office365 landscape:

  • Backup Lite for Exchange Online >> Protect emails, attachments, contacts, tasks, group mailboxes, archive mailboxes, and calendars.
  • Backup Lite OneDrive for Business >> Safeguard files and folders including access rights, if necessary.
  • Backup Lite for SharePoint Online >> Secure site collections, team sites, communication sites, and all access settings.
  • Backup Lite for Teams >> Protect Microsoft Teams data, including the team’s name, member list, team channels and their content, team mailbox, meetings, and team sites.

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