Level Lite


Personalized solution for Microsoft 365 adoption with microlearning content and self-access training

Level Lite Solution addresses one of the main challenges facing SMBs – adoption. When it comes to the Microsoft 365 technology stack, customers usually purchase Microsoft Office 365 without any dedicated technology onboarding process. This results in end-users struggling to use brand new technology as best they can, which then leads to low usage levels and uptake.

SMBs were seeking an app that could help their teams get the most out of Microsoft Office 365. They were looking for a self-service solution with minimal interaction required from management, with personalized onboarding; and a clear deliverable – training an entire workforce on Microsoft Office 365.

Level Lite gives teams all the micro-learning content and training paths they need to achieve mastery on Microsoft Office 365.

Level Lite addresses the following pain-points:

  • Poor adoption and unclear ROI. The technology purchased and adoption levels don’t match up and are under-utilized​. Microsoft Office 365 technology stack contains a world of features which are only available to teams who get guidance. Training opens the door to all sorts of new knowledge, including real-time co-authoring, team member communications, managing links and large files, working across multiple devices, utilizing cloud storage…
  • Lack of experience and visibility for LMSs. No experience of how LMSs and training can help with technology adoption and improve overall productivity​. For some SMBs, LMSs are something of an afterthought compared to CRM or ERP. In most cases, knowledge transfer, if it happens at all, is through some kind of intranet or by email. In these haphazard environments, any new technology represents an additional burden for employees. As a result, adoption is often low.
  • Lack of resources for LMS and technology adoption projects. Insufficient dedicated resources for training and technology adoption​. As most SMBs have relatively small IT/HR teams, they may have limited experience of deploying dedicated LMS tools and processes. This leads to a lower probability that these solutions will be brought in to help with adopting newly-purchased technology. Result? End-users are left to struggle along alone.

Noventiq is on hand to set up the application and manage the process.

  1. Interviews to define personnel level and level of digital readiness.
  2. Personal training pathways.
  3. Targeted campaigns with guidance and training.
  4. Answers on Microsoft 365 questions from the support team and chatbot.

Microsoft Office 365 is a feature-rich landscape which can revolutionize the way any company works. But the fact is – there’s no shortage of people who are failing to get the most out of this powerful tool. And the result? SMBs everywhere are missing an opportunity to unlock their employees’ potential, lighten their workloads, and boost their productivity. Level Lite is a new platform which onboards your employees and guides them through everything they need to know about Microsoft Office 365.

Level Lite helps you provide personal learning pathways for your teams – even at scale, and keeps engagement high through notifications and campaigns for targeted audiences. During onboarding, employees’ skill levels are assessed, and, based on the results, tailored learning pathways are created especially for them. Powered by WorkplaceBuddy, Level Lite is a customized, scalable solution for employees on Teams which helps everyone to get the most out of Microsoft 365. And if you come up against a problem, our helpdesk and chatbot are always on hand to help.

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