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Generating demography, ethnicity and gender of the subject from Video

Demography model that detects a face with gender and ethnicity while estimating the age in real-time is a huge need of hour in the surveillance, people behavior analysis and classification. In today’s world where almost everything is advertised through Internet marketing, the recognition of the target audience is crucial and can make the difference between good and great products.

For example, this model can provide the age, gender and ethnicity of your customers and thus can help in identifying your target audience in a much better way. Once identified, the business decision can be made based on the target audience helping the organization to reach better customer satisfaction levels. This can extend in combining various other neural networks to understand the emotions of the customers and do analytics.

Use Cases
Ad Targeting, Customer Service, Product Recommendation, Cosmetics, Health Care Studies etc.,

API Request and Response
TensorGo Platform provides you with a one stop solution to customize the our API offerings as per your use case by mixing and matching the existing APIs or requesting for a new custom model. This accelerates the development of use cases with minimal or no code towards deep learning applications.

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