NDIS Plan Management for Dynamics 365

by d365.Global Pty Ltd

NDIS Plan Management automation for Dynamics 365 and Business Central

Introducing NDIS Plan Management: Revolutionising NDIS Plan Management with OCR Automation and Seamless Integration

Are you seeking an all-encompassing solution for NDIS plan management that not only utilizes OCR technology to reduce processing effort but also seamlessly integrates with Proda and PACE for NDIS claims and Business Central or your Accounting System? Look no further than NDIS Plan Management!

Key Features:

  1. OCR Technology: NDIS Plan Management employs advanced OCR technology to automate the extraction of information from documents, significantly reducing processing effort and minimizing errors.
  2. Effort Reduction: Experience a streamlined NDIS plan management process with NDIS Plan Management, where tedious manual tasks are automated, allowing your team to focus on client support and service delivery.
  3. Integrated NDIS Claims: NDIS Plan Management seamlessly integrates with Proda and PACE, facilitating the creation and submission of NDIS claims with ease. Say goodbye to manual claim generation and hello to efficiency.
  4. Business Central Integration: NDIS Plan Management goes beyond NDIS plan management by integrating seamlessly with Business Central and other accounting solutions. Ensure accurate financial records and streamlined accounting processes.
  5. Centralised Document Storage: Simplify document management with NDIS Plan Management's centralized storage in SharePoint providing secure storage and easy access for verification and audit requirements.

How NDIS Plan Management Works:

  1. Invoice Submission: Invoices are received in a Microsoft 365 mailbox where the attachment/s are retrieved and if interpreted as an invoice will be uploaded to SharePoint and a unique record created.
  2. OCR Processing: NDIS Plan Management's OCR technology swiftly extracts relevant information from documents, reducing processing time and improving accuracy.
  3. Duplication Check: Duplication is done at the OCR level as well as in the Dynamics processing section. A record will still be created with the invoice attached however will also link to the invoice record that is the duplicate for cross checking.
  4. Processing: The solution then uses the OCR response to build the Invoice and line items based on NDIS items and Participant pricelist. In most cases the invoice will automatically move through to the claiming or be identified for verification. The intuitive layout allows correction of line item details with the invoice displayed. If errors occur regenerate a revision and or credit note in one click with full trail for auditing purposes.
  5. Integrated NDIS Claims & Remittance: Seamlessly create and submit NDIS claims with the integrated Proda and PACE API’s, eliminating manual claim generation.
  6. Business Central Integration: Ensure accurate financial records and streamline accounting processes with NDIS Plan Management's integration with Business Central and other accounting solutions.
  7. Effort Reduction: NDIS Plan Management automates data validation and processing, allowing your team to focus on delivering quality support to NDIS participants.
  8. Participant and Vendor Visibility:

Why Choose NDIS Plan Management?

  • Comprehensive Integration: NDIS Plan Management seamlessly integrates with Proda, PACE, Business Central, and other accounting solutions, providing a holistic NDIS plan management experience.
  • Efficiency: Drastically reduce processing effort with OCR automation and integrated NDIS claims, enhancing overall workflow efficiency.
  • Accuracy: Minimize errors with automated data validation and extraction, ensuring the integrity of NDIS plan management and financial records.
  • User-Friendly: NDIS Plan Management's intuitive interface makes document management, NDIS claim creation, and accounting processes straightforward.
  • Auditing: As NDIS Plan Management is built on Microsoft Dataverse full auditing is provided and all records are stored in secure and compliant Australian data centers

NDIS Plan Management is your comprehensive solution for NDIS plan management, NDIS claims, and accounting integration. Experience the future of automation – choose NDIS Plan Management!

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