Human Resource Management for Dynamics 365

by d365.Global Pty Ltd

Human Resource management for Dynamics 365 Sales, Field Service and Project Operations

Overview: The Human Resource Solution is a robust platform designed to empower organizations to efficiently manage the hiring of staff and throughout their employment lifecycle. Whether it is managing leave, expense or deduction requests, performance management, salary management, using the job board to post job vacancies, managing job applications and interviews, hiring employees, inductions/onboarding, terminations, roles and skills management, staff development, training, staff satisfaction surveys, timesheets, approval management and the sharing of knowledge base articles/collateral. This application provides a seamless one-stop solution with integrations to Payroll, Document Management, Email systems enabling you to reach all your HR touch points from one system. In addition, it provides employees with either an online self-management portal or a mobile app on their mobile to manage all their employee related HR processes and procedures.

Key Features:

  • Job Board where employees can apply for jobs online and upload their resume/ cover letter and view their applications and any upcoming interviews. External candidate applications can be entered direct into the CRM either manually or via integration to industry standard job boards like Seek or LinkedIn. Business process flows can be used to streamlining the application and interview processes resulting in the identification of the best candidates up front including automatically emailing them a letter of offer and employment contract. Also includes a Talent Bank, where visitors to your portal can sign-up and register their interest in upcoming job opportunities.
  • Staff Development offering the ability to evaluating the performance of your staff, which is pivotal to the success of any company and a fantastic opportunity to evaluate their goals for the next quarter and help them advance in their career as well as identify training needs. This captures both the employee and employer feedback. Also includes Disciplinary management, goals capturing and peer reviews as well as the ability to set up training courses internally or externally and capturing the logistics, trainer’s details as well as attendees.
  • Document Management to store and management all HR related documents securely within the platform for easy access and reference using SharePoint integration.
  • Analytics and Reporting, where you can gain insights into employee retention, satisfaction, leave, work hours and other key metrics through built-in reporting and dashboards.
  • Seamlessly integration with Dynamics 365 Field Service or 365 Project Management to have a 360-degree view of employee interactions and relationships, project management with work estimates and actuals, resource management tools, project contact management, invoicing and timesheet integration and other features that compliment HR processes. The solution is fully integrated with the Keypay Payroll system, where timesheets are synchronised automatically to Payroll in a timely manner.
  • The Employee Self-Management Portal empowers your staff with the tools to manage operational tasks related to onboarding tasks leave, expenses and timesheets. They can access HR documentation, as well being able to access, manage and update their quarterly performance reviews and company surveys.


  • Improved efficiency through streamlining HR processes, reducing manual data entry and administrative overhead, increased accuracy by ensuring accurate employee records are kept and maintained.
  • Improved Employee retention by providing a platform where staff can openly communicate with HR resources and contribute to their career and growth in the company.
  • Increased employee satisfaction: by enhancing employee relationships with timely and transparent communication and access to a self-management portal to manage their day-to-day employment administration activities.
  • Compliance using standardized contract templates and workflows where everyone follows the same processes and procedures, improved data-driven decisions using email notifications to make informed business decisions, optimize employee satisfaction, and avoid delays. In addition, streamlining the applications and interview processes results in the identification of the best candidates up front minimises the time required to evaluate and onboard new candidates.

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