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Revenue Forecast Mangaer

Forecast Revenue & Effectively Plan Your Activities

Revenue Forecast Manager for Microsoft Dynamics CRM allows easy sales forecast revenue management review and on-the-fly editing from CRM Opportunities. Uses CRM Opportunity Views for review by your criteria for Totaling of revenue, weighted revenue, count, average and more.

Product Highlights:

  • Reports with Totaling by Selectable Criteria on all CRM Entity windows.
  • Compact View for all opportunities listing Projects, Accounts, and Users.
  • Complete compliance to the Microsoft Dynamics CRM SDK.
  • Easily centrally review and iterate all relevant data in sales Opportunities.
  • All CRM Modes – On-Premises, Internet Facing Deployment (IFD), Microsoft CRM online, Hosted
  • Export data and to Microsoft Excel for inclusion in other analysis or presentations.
  • Supports analysis by all standard or custom CRM “Advanced Find” View buckets from days and weeks to quarters and yeas to fit the unique business model, or simply alternate views of the business.