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Sales Product Editor

Opportunity-to-Invoice Order Management CRM Product Form Editor

Sales Product Editor is the Opportunity-to-Invoice order management CRM Product form editor Solution add-in that improves business performance.

Product Highlights:

  • Add and edit records faster than ever before for an instant gain in productivity!
  • Add multiple new records without opening any new sub-windows or forms. Edited without ever leaving the grid to reduce substantially data entry time.
  • Data formatting quality and uniformity greatly enhanced by the ability to audit and edit on the fly so easily improves marketing efforts and CRM User appreciation.
  • The significant improvement in the efficiency of adding and editing records results in greater data sets being included in CRM resulting in more marketing reach, and improve sales.
  • Working directly in CRM for building lists that used to be first in Excel and imported to CRM will bring an immediate ROI on the improvement of operations and speed to customer.
  • Building custom CRM data entry and edit grid capability opens new CRM function opportunities well beyond all the standard CRM Entities to whole new ways of addressing unique business issues building ROI to the CRM investment itself.