Talent Acquisition

by Niles Partners Inc.

An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that simplifies and expedites the recruitment process.

Talent Acquisition is an Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that simplifies and expedites the recruitment process. It automates various tasks of the Human Resources and Talent Acquisition personnel. These include:

• Job posting
• Collating job applications for each role
• Managing job applications for multiple roles
• Tracking Applicants
• Scheduling and Managing Interviews
• Managing the Interviewers’ schedules
• Enabling collaboration between interviewers and other members.
• Recording and Analyzing Interview Scores and Reviews
• Releasing Offer Letters

The application comes with role-based privileges for administrators, HRs, and interviewers. Administrators have the power of managing HRs and adding/removing other administrators. However, the HRs enjoy full operational freedom in tracking the recruitment process at each step. Each HR can add/remove, save, edit, and manage job postings. They can also add/remove Job Roles and Job Locations for which the positions can be created.

Talent Acquisition is a clutter-free app that promotes collaboration between the members of the hiring team to streamline the hiring processes for multiple positions. By saving the HRs’ time and energy, the Talent Acquisition app contributes indirectly towards a healthier work culture and better employee relationships. It is the ideal HR app for the hiring season, for HR and recruitment firms, and for organizations that have to manage multiple hiring processes often.

For Human Resources and Talent Acquisition personnel
This Job Application tracking system saves the recruitment team from mundane workflows. Templates of Job Postings, Offer Letters, messages, and emails can be saved and customized for later use.
Talent Acquisition boosts the productivity of the hiring team by simplifying the scheduling of interviews. It enables smart management of multi-round interview processes of candidates for various positions. The concerned HRs can manage the interviewing workload of the interviewers by viewing the interviews lined up for each day and rescheduling if necessary.
The Human Resources and Talent Acquisition personnel can also track the ‘Selected Candidates’ and those that have been sent the offer letter. In case they wish to call the candidate, the system also saves the candidates’ phone numbers.

For Interviewers
The application contributes to the workflow management and task planning of the interviewers. During the phases of active hiring, when there may be multiple interviews lined up each day, or otherwise too, in case of busier days, the interviewers may want the interviews to be rescheduled. Each interviewer can check the upcoming interviews on each date and request for a rescheduling or cancellation.
This application helps the organization in selecting the best candidates for each position.
Interviewers can record their scores and reviews for each candidate after the interview. After the interviews of all candidates for a position, the scores and reviews from all interviewers are available for comparison, analysis, and consideration for selecting the candidate/s.

For Candidates
This ATS system helps the organizations develop trustworthy relationships with the candidates by promoting transparency in the recruitment process. The application status of the candidate reflects on the website front-end as it gets updated after each round of interview or each step in the recruitment process. By keeping the candidates updated regarding their application status, selection or rejection it saves time of all parties and promotes professionalism.

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