Leave Management System

by Niles Partners Inc.

Leave Management System is designed and developed for managing employee time-off requests.

The Power Extension Leave Management System is designed and developed for organisations so that their employees can apply for leaves such as Sick leave, Casual Leave, Privilege Leave and Comp off as well. These leaves can be applied and approved as well via smartphone, Tablet on power App mobile app.

This App has two level approval authentication process. Level 1 approver (Team Lead) and Level 2 approver (HR/Manager). 

  • It is an easy to use system that supports end users to request time off in your organisation & allows the admin defines the system without code.
  • Best thing is end users can easily create & manage the request.


•             Self-Services platform for everyone like Manager, Team Lead or HR
•             All types of leaves can apply easily like paid leaves, casual leaves or comp off
•             Easily accessible from mobile devices
•             Defined hierarchy-based approval processes
•             Easy to access dashboard where you can easily access everything related to employee in one go.
•             Admin can easily add, delete information related to employee
•             Admin can approve/reject employee related to leaves 
•             Allowing for tracking of vacation accrual as well as easy request and approval system for time off.
•             Fully integrated with Outlook Calendar as well as providing Single-sign on, and easy user upload from    your Office 365 domain.

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