UDS Storage Analyzer


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Track Dynamics 365 storage capacity, make timely updates on storage space limits, and save money.

This add-on helps to avoid work blocks and extra money charges when the storage limit is exceeded. It provides a convenient table with detailed information on your storage space, so you manage it more effectively.

The key purpose of Storage Analyzer is to prevent a company from extra money charges. The overload of Dynamics 365 space storage is a quiet bombshell. In a majority of cases, it happens because users store unrequired data. Yet, the expenditures for additional storage get charged.

We built Storage Analyzer as a convenient solution for monitoring the status of Dynamics 365 space storage. So you are ALWAYS informed!

This add-on is easy both to download and to install. Once you have installed and run Storage Analyzer, it will process your Dynamics 365 storage space.

Soon, you will see the processed data organized in tables. These tables enable you to drill down and obtain a detailed analysis to decide what data is relevant.

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