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Zap Email Parser (Email to Any CRM Record)

Zap Objects

Extract email data to create Dynamics 365 CRM sales leads, support cases, etc automatically.

Zap Email parser extracts email data to create CRM records. The App parses the email subject and body based on the parsing rules that has been set-up.

Use Case 1: Create leads automatically for emails received on your sales mailbox (Email-to-lead):
Most of the companies have a generic sales email address set-up (e.g. to which prospects can send sales related enquires. Wouldn’t it be great, if these enquiries can be added automatically to Dynamics 365 CRM as leads?

Use Case 2: Create cases automatically for emails received on your support mailbox (Email-to-Case):
The emails can be parsed to automatically set customer, title, description, priority, origin, owner and any other field on Case form by parsing the email subject and body.

Use Case 3: Extracting data from Web forms:
Many online businesses have web forms that visitors fill-in such as contact forms, support request forms, registration forms, survey forms etc. After a visitor submits the form, the content is sent to the web site owner via email. Think how much time it would take you to manually extract email form data and then create corresponding records in CRM! Even if you receive such dozen submissions daily then it can literally take lot of your working time. Further, the process of distributing leads to the sales team and reaching the prospects will also slow down. That’s where Zap Email Parser can help, bridging the gap between creating new records in CRM from forms on your website.

Use Case 4: Easy Data-Entry:
Zap Email Parser’s Easy Data-Entry feature allows you to create CRM records… by sending email commands to CRM from your mailbox. e.g. you just met a potential lead and would like to add his details to CRM… you can do that just by sending the below details to CRM:
first name: Nick
last name: Cary
company: Zip Mart
topic: very interested in our email parser app
Send this email and BAM!… a new lead would get automatically created in CRM!

New Update (Sept 2018): Zap Objects now introduces "All-in-One" Annual Subscription plan. The plan covers license for all paid Zap Dynamics 365 CRM Apps!

  1. One simple easy to manage subscription
  2. Cost-effective
  3. Highly affordable
Apps included under this plan:
  1. Zap Copy Record
  2. Zap Team Calendar
  3. Zap Auto-Number
  4. Zap Helpdesk – Email to Case
  5. Zap Email Parser (Email to Any CRM Record)
  6. Zap SSRS Report Scheduler (to be released on Oct 1st, 2018)