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Most comprehensive Helpdesk Solution built on Dynamics 365 for Customer Service Platform!

Zap Helpdesk App is a game changer solution in turning your Out-Of-Box Dynamics 365 Customer Service module to an advanced Customer Support system competing in the likes of Zendesk or Freshdesk!
Our vision arises from the fact that Dynamics 365 for Customer Service is not a product but a super advanced platform.
The app has tons and tons of features and functionality which has been built over years of experience and feedback from our customers. Our team is constantly evolving the app with newer features added in every iteration.

Before getting in to more details, check out our Blog: How to design a Customer Support process when using Dynamics 365 for Customer Service?

Basic Features:

  • Get Started with Email-to-Case in 30 minutes: Yes, you can have your Customer Service support process setup & running in 30 minutes using Zap Helpdesk solution!
  • Automatically copy Email body to Case Description
  • Attach Case Customer to Account or Contact by matching email address of received email
  • Advanced algorithm to match incoming customer email to an existing open case (By extracting Case Number from Email Subject).
  • Ability to automatically track emails sent from Support Agent's Outlook to Customer (eliminating need for manual tracking)
  • Create Contact from Unknown Sender (and intelligently set the Parent Account field too!)
  • Email loop protection
  • Email spam protection
  • Automatically set default case field values, assign case, route case conditionally for newly created cases using Smart Rules Configurator
  • Ability to re-open an existing case or create a new case
  • Forward to create New Case and automatically link to Original Customer (customer email address extracted from within email body)
  • Dedicated Notifications module – In-App + Email Notifications
  • Email Alias feature
  • Web-to-Case (Email Parsing)
  • Test Run Feature

Advanced Features:

  • Noise-Free Conversation History: Do you find it hard to understand all the historic communication from Case Timeline? It’s easy to get lost with all vital details hidden in multiple email threads!
  • Zap Helpdesk App extracts newer responses from each incoming and outgoing email as well as portal comments to create a noise-free communication history which is easy to read!
  • Track Case field changes
  • Recent Case Updates Panel (Easily know which Cases have new updates and what those updates are)
  • Email Commands: Perform activities on Case directly from your inbox!
    Few common examples of using email commands are: performing activities such as changing the case status, assigning it to a different agent, adding a note, responding to Requestor with full chain of conversation history from your Outlook but having email automatically go from your Support Queue (which is also the most requested Use-Case), getting case history etc.
  • Compose emails faster by using built-in email editor with drag-and-drop attachments control embeded in Case form by Helpdesk App
  • Canned Responses for quick email reply from Case form
  • Update Email (Ability to respond back to Requestor with full history of email and portal communication threads)
  • Enhanced Case Lifecycle management using various built-in automations (for details, refer product features page on
Other Zap Apps that can further boost Customer Service Capability:
  • Track and log time spent by support agents on cases directly from Case form (either using built in Timer functionality or manually add Start & End Times or duration) using Zap Time Entry App!
  • Copy/Clone/Duplicate Case in 1-Click using Zap Copy Record App!
  • Schedule daily Case Reports to be received in email automatically as per configured schedule using Zap Report Scheduler App!

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