Calendar Rollup

by BoostSolutions

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Overlay and color-code multiple calendars on SharePoint or Microsoft Teams in one location

BoostSolutions' Calendar Rollup, an SPFx web part, combines all your meetings and events into a single calendar display. It integrates SharePoint calendars with Microsoft 365 calendars, including both group and personal calendars.

Whether you're using SharePoint portal or Microsoft Teams, it allows you to view all your events in one location, simplifying the management of group and private calendar events.

The application color-codes calendar events from different sources for easy organization and identification, with a color-coded legend for intuitive distinction of overlaid events.

Events can be viewed by day, week, month or in an agenda format. The agenda view provides a chronological list of events for quick access and review.

For each calendar source on the web part, you can set permissions, make certain events read-only, or restrict specific users from adding, editing, or deleting events.

Key Features:

- Combine or roll-up events from multiple calendar sources in one single calendar view

- Integration with SharePoint calendars, Office 365 group calendars and personal calendars

- Color-code calendar events based on different calendar sources

- Compatible with SharePoint portal and Microsoft Teams

- Display events in various views, including Month, Week, Day or Agenda

- Ability to show a color-coded legend on top of the calendar

- Ability to set a calendar as read-only to prevent editing

- Able to add calendars or lists from cross-sites within a site collection

- Ability to add/edit/delete an event on the web part and save changes back to the source calendar

- Support for more than 10 overlays in one single calendar view

- Display or hide events from different calendar sources

- Auto refresh calendar events based on schedule

- Permission control to manipulate (add/edit/delete) events on the Web Part

- SPFx web part

(Please note that the app is only compatible with the SharePoint Online modern experience.)

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