Bulk Zip Unzip

by BoostSolutions

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Upload and extract zip files in a document library and download multiple files as a zip file.

Simplify the process of uploading and extracting zip files in your document library, and effortlessly download multiple documents as a zip file.

This powerful tool allows you to compress and decompress files up to 2000MB in size efficiently, providing a powerful solution for managing large or multiple documents.

Bulk Zip & Unzip is a powerful productivity tool designed to streamline your file management tasks. Easily package multiple documents and folders into a single file, or unpack the contents of a zip file to the desired location, whether it's the current directory or an existing folder.

Experience the seamless upload process where your ZIP file is automatically unzipped, preserving the original folder structure, simply by dragging and dropping. No need to worry about losing any files or organization.

When it comes to downloading multiple documents, just select the desired files and click the 'Zip' action in the list action bar. Our app will compress the files into a zip file for you to download effortlessly.

With the SPFx list view command set extension, accessing Bulk Zip & Unzip is even more convenient. The Zip and Unzip actions are seamlessly integrated into the list action bar of your document library, providing quick and easy access to the app's functionality.

All zip or unzip processing operations are conducted locally on the user's browser, ensuring that no data leaves your tenant.

Key Features:

- Compress files or documents in a SharePoint Online document library as a zip file

- Decompress zip files directly in a SharePoint Online document library

- Extract a zip file to an existing folder

- Upload and extract a zip file to a SharePoint Online document library, preserving the structure of the original zipped folder

- Overwrite existing files

- Download documents and folders to a zip file, preserving the folder structure

- Track the zip or unzip process with detailed message to easily locate any issues

- Support these libraries: Asset Library, Document Library, Dashboard Library, Form Library, Report Library and Site Pages Library

- Support popular browsers: Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome

- Compress or uncompress files with a size of up to 2000MB

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