CV Holidays


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Display Festival & holidays in your Organisation SharePoint Portal


Let there be Holidays!

Employees are the most valuable assets of any organization.

They can boost employee productivity and performance by allowing employees to rest and recharge

They can enhance employee health and well-being by reducing stress and preventing burnout

They can foster employee engagement and teamwork by creating opportunities for socializing and celebrating

Therefore, holidays are not only good for employees, but also for the organization as a whole.

CV Holidays – Festivals and Holidays web part is a powerful tool for SharePoint users who want to keep track of important dates and events. With the ability to customize the layout, users can easily view a list of festivals and holidays. The web part also allows users to add festival and holiday details, which will appear on the SharePoint site page.

Additionally, including external links provides users with even more resources and information about each holiday, which will surely help to add knowledge about different culture and country.

For Installation refer this guide:

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