CV Classified


Buy and Sell products internally on your SharePoint portal.

Introducing "Classified," a cutting-edge SharePoint-based application designed to enhance your buying and selling experience.

CV Classified is an application developed on SharePoint web parts, requiring users to configure it into their site content for usage. Once properly integrated, users can access and utilize the features of CV Classified seamlessly within their SharePoint environment

Key Features:

Buying Products: Users can explore, and purchase products listed on the platform. The application provides an intuitive.

Filter and Search Product: To simplify product discovery, users can filter products based on various criteria and perform quick searches to find specific items or with specific seller name of user.

Multiple Communication Options: Buyers can directly contact sellers through various communication methods, including Microsoft Teams, Outlook (Email), and call options.

Product Sharing: Users have the option to share products with their colleagues and others.

Selling Products: Listing products is effortless with our platform. Users can fill out a simple form, provide product images (Minimum 3 Images required) and descriptions, and list their items for potential buyers.

Approval Process: User-uploaded products undergo a meticulous approval process by Admins to maintain quality and compliance. After approval, products become visible for all users to buy.

Product Update after Approval: After approval, users can freely update their products, modifying prices, adding details, or uploading new images. The changes will go through the approval process again for review.

Note: We prioritize product details privacy and security. No user can modify or tamper with products uploaded by others. This ensures a fair and trustworthy marketplace for end-users.

Join the Classified community today and embark on a seamless journey of buying and selling products like never before.

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