Lucidscale Models for Excel

by Lucid Software Inc

Understand your cloud environment by adding Lucid’s cloud visualization solution to Microsoft Excel.

Lucidscale is the cloud visualization platform you’ve been waiting for. Visualize your cloud environment by viewing critical cloud governance data in context. Identify areas of risk and unnecessary cost with detailed diagrams and customized views of your cloud architecture.

Verify cloud migration and implementation by examining cloud diagrams for accuracy. Lucidscale works with AWS, Azure, and GCP to visualize your architectures. Clearly and concisely communicate the current architecture by automating cloud documentation.

When Lucidscale is connected with the Lucid Visual Collaboration Suite, users can brainstorm architecture ideas in Lucidspark, automatically generate their current state diagram in Lucidscale, and diagram future architectures in Lucidchart.

With this integration, you can embed Lucidscale models into Microsoft Excel.

By embedding Lucidscale models in Microsoft Excel, you will bring clarity to your projects, systems, and processes:

• Enrich Microsoft Excel spreadsheets with visuals

• Make Microsoft Excel spreadsheets living blueprints by refreshing Lucidscale models with a single click

• Increase alignment within teams

• Communicate cloud infrastructure more effectively

Experience cloud visualization like never before.

This integration requires a Lucid account. Sign up for one today!

Sign up and create a Free account today at to access the add-in. The Free account includes the ability to create a limited number of basic documents. You can also use in-app upgrades to access additional functionality available for the Individual, Team, and Enterprise accounts.

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