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Visualize time series data with layered area chart stacked vertically to compare multiple categories

Identify trends over a timeframe, gain valuable insights, and Visualize patterns across categories with the Powerviz Horizon chart.

The Powerviz Horizon Chart is an advanced visual, used to display time-series data, making it easier to identify trends, anomalies, and patterns. It displays stacked data layers, allowing users to compare multiple categories while maintaining data clarity. Horizon Charts are particularly useful to monitor and analyze complex data over time, making this a valuable visual for data analysis and decision-making.

Check out the live demo here.

To access all the advanced settings features, click the gear "⚙️" icon in the top-right corner.

Key Feature Highlights:

  • Horizon Options - Select the curvature of the chart from Natural, Linear, Step and change the scaling size.
  • Layers - Add layers separated by similar range or custom range with option to display Positive and negative values together or separately on top.
  • Colors - Apply colors by layers, category, or condition, choose from 30+ color palettes along with FX rules.
  • Reference Lines - Add lines and labels across X-axis to highlight patterns.
  • Ranking - Filter out Top/Bottom N by value or peaks within data. Show remaining values as “Others”.
  • Fill Patterns - Apply patterns by picking from a wide range of options or add your own.
  • Grid Lines - Add gridlines on X and Y axis.
  • Custom Tooltip - Add the highest, lowest, mean, and median points in the tooltip without any additional DAX/Measure.
  • Themes - Easily save your designs using the JSON export/import feature, enabling seamless sharing and use across multiple Power BI reports.
  • Annotation - Add notes to tell better stories with the same visual, make it easier for people to collaborate and understand every detail.
  • Grid View - Transforms the visual into an interactive table. Use pivot mode, filter, search, and sort capabilities for quick data scanning.
  • Show condition - Show/hide the visual based on a condition.
  • Native Features - Supports native features including cross-filtering, interaction, selection, tooltip, bookmark, and context menu.

Business Use Cases:

  1. Time-Series Data Comparison: Horizon Charts are used to compare time-series data, making it easier to identify trends and patterns over time, irrespective of the domain.
  2. Anomaly Detection: Helps to detect unusual or unexpected data points, which can be critical in various fields, from finance to healthcare, to identify issues or opportunities.
  3. Environmental Monitoring: Environmentalists use Horizon Charts to track changes in environmental variables, like temperature or pollution levels, over time for conservation and analysis.
  4. Predictive Analysis: Data scientists and analysts use this visual to visualize data for predictive analysis, helping to forecast future trends and make data-informed decisions.
  5. Consumer Behavior Analysis: Horizon Charts enable marketers to observe and understand consumer behavior over time. It allows them to track purchase patterns, customer preferences, or product demand across different demographics or geographical regions.


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