Salesforce Insight App

by Addend Analytics LLP

Get insights and Grow your business by using built in Salesforce Insight App

Introducing our business data assistance app tailored to support businesses like yours. This app features a pre-built report that seamlessly connects to your Salesforce account, providing valuable insights into the performance and operations of your business.

Benefits of Using Our App:

  • Say goodbye to tedious spreadsheet work.
  • Gain quick insights from visually stunning and informative data representations.
  • Effortlessly monitor your business's daily progress.
  • Facilitate easy sharing of the app across your organization.

The Report Features 4 Tabs:

  • Navigation Page: This page serves as the central hub for accessing other sections of the app. It provides key information on generated opportunities, total opportunity count, open account count, opportunity conversion rate, and revenue lost. Users can conveniently navigate to different parts of the app from here, making it an ideal starting point for accessing various data and insights.
  • Sales Performance: Gain a comprehensive view of your sales achievements. This tab offers essential metrics such as total revenue generated, revenue breakdown by stage, and performance against set targets. It empowers stakeholders to monitor sales growth, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions to drive success.
  • Opportunity Analysis: Dive into detailed information about individual sales opportunities within your organization. Access data on each opportunity, including stage, value, chance of success, and month-wise performance. This tab enables you to analyze and track the progress of individual opportunities, assess their potential, and make informed decisions to maximize sales effectiveness.
  • Opportunity Insights: Utilize a decomposition tree visualization to uncover valuable insights and patterns within your sales data. Explore high-value lead sources, top-performing sales stages, and opportunity types that significantly contribute to revenue. By leveraging these insights, your sales teams can optimize strategies, allocate resources effectively, and prioritize efforts to drive revenue growth and overall success.


  • A Power BI Pro license is required to install and use the app.

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