Asset Management

by Alpha Analytics and Information Technology Inc

Produce risky stock pools and high-quality stock pools smart investment solutions.

o Algorithm:

AI, natural language processing models, event factorization, effective factor screening, reinforcement learning, SEQ models, CGE, data mining and analysis

· Warning and Opportunity Alerts:

intelligent investment solution based on factor analysis of public opinion and events to generate high-risk stock pools and high-quality stock pools through screening, early warning and opportunity alerts.

· Real-Time Monitoring and Analysis:

utilizes big data and artificial intelligence technology to achieve real-time monitoring and analysis of the stock market and improve the accuracy and efficiency of investment decisions.

· Personalized Investment Services:

provide personalized investment services, including stock screening, early warning and opportunity alerts, to meet the investment needs and risk preferences of different clients.

· Intelligent Investment Management:

reduce clients' investment risks and increase investment returns through intelligent investment management.

Application Scenario:

It is suitable for all types of investors, whether individual or institutional, short-term or long-term investment, and can be utilized for intelligent investment. It can cover multiple fields, such as manufacturing, finance, healthcare, etc., providing investors with diversified investment choices.

In additionwe also provide financial analysis such as

1. Risk Management

2. Marketing

3. Macroeconomic Analysis

4. Industry Analysis

5.Policy Analysis

6. Public Opinion Analysis

7. Competition Analysis(SWOT Analysis)

8. Employee/Recruitment Analysis

9. Financial Statement Analysis

10. Bond Analysis

11. Patent Analysis

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