Supply Chain Management

by Alpha Analytics and Information Technology Inc

Intelligent control multi-dimensional data and establish a channel management platform.

o Algorithm:

data mining and analysis, AI, optimization algorithm, machine learning, text analysis

· Intelligent data management:

support multiple types and sources of data, such as orders, inventory, logistics, finance, etc., intelligently control the data, realize data cleaning, analysis, visualization, and other functions, and improve the quality and value of the data.

· Resource scheduling:

generate optimal resource scheduling solutions, such as material procurement, production planning, and logistics arrangements, and realize information management and connection of operation and supply chain.

· Channel management:

intelligently assess the qualifications and performance of channels, such as the scale, quality, stability, and cost of channels, and achieve channel recommendation for segmented scenarios, such as the type, number, and location of channels, to optimize the structure and layout of operation and supply chain.

Application Scenario:

Financial institution, manufacturing, E-commerce, energy industry, transportation industry, agriculture etc.

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