Industry Analysis

by Alpha Analytics and Information Technology Inc

Analyze standardized services of platform & provide customized services of industrial information.

o Algorithm:

data mining and analysis, AI, optimization algorithm, machine learning, text analysis

· Information collection and processing:

support many types and sources of industry information, such as news, reports, papers, patents, etc. Through big data technology, the information is collected and processed in an automated way to improve the quality and value of the information.

· In-depth industry analysis:

conduct in-depth analysis and research on information, providing users with professional industry analysis, such as industry overview, characteristics, opportunities, threats, etc., to improve users' cognitive level and decision-making level.

· Customized services:

make intelligent recommendation and matching of information, and provide users with customized information services, such as query, subscription, sharing and evaluation of information, etc., to improve users' information effect and experience.

Application Scenario:

financial institution, manufacturing, energy industry, transportation industry, agriculture etc.

In additionwe also provide financial analysis such as

1. sset Management

2. arketing

3. acroeconomic nalysis

4. isk anagement

5. olicy nalysis

6. ublic pinion nalysis

7. ompetition nalysis(SWOT nalysis)

8. mployee/ecruitment nalysis

9. inancial tatement nalysis

10. ond nalysis

11. atent nalysis

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