Public Opinion Monitoring

by Alpha Analytics and Information Technology Inc

Provide real-time monitoring of public opinion and risk events and automatic warning.

o Algorithm:

data mining and analysis, AI, machine learning, text analysis, data visualization

· Data monitoring and analysis:

support multiple types and sources of online data, such as news, social media, forums, blogs, etc. Through data mining and analyzing technologies, it can monitor the data in real time and improve the quality and value of the data.

· Warning and risk event response:

provide intelligent warnings on data, provide timely notifications and reports on public opinion and risk events, and improve the response capability and efficiency of enterprises.

· Analyses and recommendations:

utilize innovative NLP technology to intelligently assess data and provide enterprises with professional analyses and recommendations on public opinion and risk events to improve their decision-making level and effectiveness.

Application Scenario:

Risk control, Media tracking, Relationship graph mining, Investment research analysis, Market hot topic research, Brand management, Affair map deduction, Customer analysis

Application Scenario:

Government departments, businesses, and research institutions.

In additionwe also provide financial analysis such as

1. Asset Management

2. Marketing

3. Macroeconomic Analysis

4. Risk Management

5. Industry Analysis

6. Policy Analysis

7. Competition Analysis(SWOT Analysis)

8. Employee/Recruitment Analysis

9. Financial Statement Analysis

10. Bond Analysis

11. Patent Analysis

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