by Alpha Analytics and Information Technology Inc

Building an all-round marketing system, based on events and mapping, through internet and telephone.

o Algorithm:

data mining and analysis, AI, knowledge graph, data visualization

· Digital Marketing Strategies:

comprehensively utilize Internet and telemarketing, the event and mapping through a mature bidding model and Euler event triggering mechanism and realize all-round marketing coverage through a variety of marketing means, such as search engine marketing, social media marketing, SMS marketing and telemarketing.

· Visual Data Analysis and Report:

help companies understand marketing effectiveness and user feedback, optimize marketing strategies and improve conversion rates.

· Relationship Management:

adopt intelligent customer relationship management system to realize comprehensive management and tracking of customer information and improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.

· Data Iteration and Optimization:

improve marketing effectiveness and ROI (Return on Investment) through continuous data iteration and optimization.

Application Scenarios:

manufacturing, energy industry, transportation industry, agriculture etc.

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