Eviden - For SharePoint - Azure OpenAI Integration 4-Wk Implementation

by Eviden International France - SAS

Revolutionizing new content creation from existing knowledge stored in the Knowledge repositories!

Eviden's SharePoint – Azure OpenAI Integration is more than just a solution; it's a transformational leap forward in knowledge management and reusing the existing knowledge to generate new content which is relevant, contextual and professionally written. This tool helps to harness your intellectual capital, drive innovation, and increase productivity.

The solution is a boon for Business and IT users who don’t want to spend productive hours of their day to locate the correct information from the knowledge base and build quality content. Our solution will build that content for you which you use to draft new content. Our solution can generate new contents in various languages. The solution can revolutionize the way your organization manages and utilizes its knowledge assets.

Technical details of the solution :
Our revolutionary solution is built on a robust foundation, leveraging several components of the Microsoft technology stack to seamlessly transform your organization's knowledge management and reuse.

A Power Automate flow seamlessly moves your SharePoint content to OneDrive. From OneDrive, Azure Cognitive Search works its magic, intelligently indexing and organizing the content, ensuring that you can easily find the information you need. Azure OpenAI would then leverage the indexed content to auto-generate the new content based on your prompts. Prompts can be given using a customizable UI App which will be accessible only to the authenticated users of your organization; thus, ensuring the security of your organization's data.

At a glance