MeBeBot Intelligent Assistant

by MeBeBot

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MeBeBot's AI Chatbot automates answers to employees HR, IT, Ops FAQ; an app in Teams and SharePoint

MeBeBot is an AI Intelligent Assistant to automate answers to all types of employees' FAQs, to support remote/hybrid work and ensure consistent communications and employee engagement. Our AI Chatbot installs as an app in Teams, Slack and SharePoint in under 15 minutes, so it's available to your employees 24/7, wherever they live in the world from mobile and computer devices. 

Our solution includes a Customer Admin Portal, complete with a Global Knowledge Base of 250's FAQs to simply edit to fit your particular business policies, benefits, and internal processes. Usage data and valuable insights to your employees' questions are visible on our real-time dashboard. MeBeBot is like a "bot in a box," designed to be comprehensive, accurate, easy to implement in weeks...and it's affordable!

Here's what makes MeBeBot unique: 

  • MeBeBot is the "one stop bot," for all your employees' HR, IT and Operations FAQs and scalable to add custom questions.
  • MeBeBot is easy to implement and easy to maintain by non-technical business users (with a path to integrate to back-end HCM solutions).
  • Our Intelligent Assistant installs in Teams, Slack or Zoom in under 30 minutes, so it's available to employees, 24/7 from mobile or computer devices. We have a web chat, too!
  • Our Dashboard displays real-time employee usage data, by time frame, country, and type of question asked by employees for actionable insights to the business.
  • Our Push Messaging allows for real-time messages and reminders to be sent to employees to drive engagement and adoption.
  • Cost-effective ($2/per employee per month on average), so that internal team members can focus on more strategic/high value work to drive revenues and employee productivity.
MeBeBot is a perfect solution for fast-growing companies, that maybe going through rapid organic growth or via acquisitions and mergers. We provide a time to value in weeks and the time savings we provide to your HR, IT, and Operations teams produces a 200% ROI in less than 6 months. We support companies of any size, but we drive the best results to companies between 500 to 10,000 employees, who do not have internal teams/resources to provide global employee support. Let us help you solve your pain of costly help desk tickets or answering routine questions manually, while providing superior support and consistent information for your most valuable resource....your people! 

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