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by TwinCap First AG

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Get notifications about missed calls in your call queues

Call queues in Microsoft Teams are a great way to control incoming calls and distribute them to multiple users at the same time. However, there is one drawback: you do not see missed calls and have no way to view a call history. With Easy Call Report we solve this problem for you!

Easy Call Report - The simple & inexpensive solution for Microsoft Teams

With Easy Call Report, we offer a simple solution to post all your missed calls in call queues directly to a Teams channel. You can monitor any number of call queues and post the messages either all in the same channel or in different channels. In this way, you can upgrade a long-awaited feature at an affordable price and increase your efficiency at the same time. The "Quick Action" buttons offer you a quick and easy way to carry out an action. For example, you can make a callback with just one click. If you prefer to write an e-mail, view the caller's website first or transfer the caller data to your CRM, you have the option of storing customized card layouts.

A brand new feature is call history. You also have the option of displaying an Easy Call Report tab in your channel. This gives you the option of displaying a call history at a glance. Never loose a customer lead because of a missed call anymore!


  • Messages about missed calls are sent directly to a Microsoft Teams channel of your choice. This is done via so-called adaptive cards.
  • Various actions can be carried out using Quick Actions. For example, click to call back, send e-mails to callers, open the caller's website or mark a call as completed.
  • Monitoring of all calls possible (incl. Microsoft Calling Plans, Direct Routing, Operator Connect and native Microsoft Teams calls)
  • Easy Platform configuration portal for simple setup
  • Adaptive Cards for more information of a missed call
  • Call history of answered and missed calls in Teams tabs
  • Integration of Entra ID, and Easy Lookup for caller identification
  • Display of employees who have answered or answered the call

Free 30-day trial available

Start your Easy Call Report journey today with a free, no-commitment trial — just install the app, purchase a license and cancel it any time, if your are not satisfied. More information about Easy Call Report can be found on our website.

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